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The founding idea and philosophy behind Spurgu Design is to use as little as possible money in production and materials.

Creating objects without exact measurements is like returning to our roots.
Our forefathers built their houses with a mere pencilled in drawing at the back of their box of cigarettes.

The humankind would easily survive the next 100 years even if we would cease producing the majority of certain products today. However 90% of products have been manufactured so poorly and from poor materials, that their lifespan can be counted in months.

Spurgu Design is rebelling against this type of mass commercialism.


Firstly: Storages, skips, junkyards and dumpsters are full of items, pieces of furniture and objects that have no purpose nor meaning. By shaping and modifying these kind of items you are able to give them a whole new meaning and thus continue its lifespan.

Secondly: these objects can be used as a source material to create a whole new item.

Thirdly: One should avoid buying or using anything new. However, if this can not be avoided, then barter is an acceptable method of trade.

Combining the above three opens up countless possibilities to create new in a sensible and sustainable manner.


The Spurgu Desing product has to be both useful and durable. It should also originate from a spontaneous need

All the materials that we use have been found from around us. SD product shape and colour will be what it is.

The shape of a product will support its use and purpose.

In the production, Spurgu Design aims to minimalize the use of different tools. Measurements are estimated by an eye or as using a finished product as a template. You can get inside a millimetre with a experienced eye.